I feel pretty special when I happen to find an extra dollar in my coat pocket. Just imagine how special you'd feel if you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that you had $1.5 billion dollars in the pocket of your jacket. That kind of life changing money could become a reality for one individual tonight just before 10 PM Central time.

While most of the focus on the Powerball has been stories of untold riches, exotic travel, fancy boats, new homes, and the ability to afford two beers at the Superdome.  There are already some guaranteed winners in the lottery frenzy.

35% of every dollar spent on lottery, whether it’s Powerball, or Lotto, or a scratch off game is dedicated for K-12 public education. So, good news all the way around for us.

That's what Louisiana  Lottery spokesperson Kimberly Chopin told the Louisiana Radio Network about why playing the lottery is a unique way to enhance personal wealth as well as help out your community.

With the current jackpot reaching record proportions Chopin says there will be a lot of first time players. Those who aren't familiar with the way the Powerball game works need to understand there are several ways to be a winner on each ticket.

There are 9 different prize levels on Powerball. You can win $4 just for matching the red Powerball and the odds are 1 in 25 that you may win any prize.

With the drawing set for tonight you can bet ticket sales will be at a fever pitch for most of the day. Chopin's advice if you still haven't secured your ticket,

If you plan on playing, go ahead and get your ticket early.

Remember by rule, lottery ticket sales must cease at least 59 minutes before the drawing takes place. The drawing for tonight's big money jackpot is scheduled for 9:59 PM Central Time.  The drawing will be featured at that time on  Cox 4 Television in Lafayette, Fox 29 in Lake Charles, and KPXJ Channel 21 in Shreveport.