Nothing ever dies on the Internet, right?  Not even a 20-year-old soda.  Very much a 1990s type of soda (very Mountain Dew-like, if I remember right), you might have had a can of Surge while dialing up some AOL while watching some Must See TV.  Surge lived a short life between 1996 and 2001, but an Internet campaign has convinced the Coca-Cola company to resurrect it.

The weird part of it?  You can only order it on  (OR at least you could -- it's sold out as of the time this was published.)  You can't waltz into a store, pay a buck-and-a-half and try one out.  Nope, you're committing to AT LEAST a 12-pack of the stuff in tallboy 16-oz. cans.  Or, at least once they make up another batch.

And the response on Amazon's reviews are ecstatic -- as of this writing, almost exclusively 5 stars.

I am getting married in 5 days, and getting this for my first drink as a married man is better than any other gift I could possibly receive outside of gaining a wife. -- Dale Paradowski

That's pretty high praise for a soda no one's had a sip of since the World Trade Center was still standing.

I don't have any memory of Surge.  I know I've had it.  I think I liked it, but who remembers the 90s, right?  I'm happy for these people.  I don't get it, but I'm happy they're happy!

[h/t USAToday]