Following his streak of bizarre antics, Charlie Sheen closed his first Canadian tour stop by toasting the ashes of an audience member's dead husband.

After an hour of frenetic conversation between Sheen and comedian Russell Peters during the actor's "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" show, Sheen called out to the audience for a woman whose husband had died two years ago to come onstage. Sheen said he read about her in a newspaper article.

The otherwise raucous audience in Toronto's Massey Hall fell silent as Wendy Newman took to the stage, clad all in black and carrying a vessel. Newman told the show-goers that her husband died of a heart attack and the only way she got through her difficult period was by watching DVDs of Sheen's former sitcom "Two and A Half Men."

When she learned the celebrity was coming to her home city, she snapped up tickets. She then posted a message on Sheen's Facebook page asking if she could bring her husband's ashes to the show and have Sheen raise a glass in honor of her husband of 19 years. And he did. Well, a glass of non-alcoholic cider, according to Peters, since Sheen has said he's put an end to his drinking or drug use.

"I think I can now send you off, Charlie Sheen is here now," said Newman after she gave a brief eulogy of her husband.

And then, strangely, the show abruptly ended, followed by an incomprehensible video of Snoop Dogg rapping, leaving the audience confused and unsure if it was really over.

via Sheen toasts deceased man's ashes onstage - Yahoo! News.