I am getting my hair cut and colored today.  This is a big deal, since the last time I had a cut and rinse was last December, my usual six-month run at seeing my beautician.  Unlike most women, I don't get my hair "did" often; I paint my nails once a week but a haircut?  Nope.  Not sure where or when it started, but I always dread getting my hair did.  Maybe it is because it is curly and most beauticians tend to cut my hair like I flat iron it.  Which, I don't.  Too much work in the mornings, when I have to make my hair look like a professional did it.

Before chemotherapy took my hair, it was down to my waist (granted, I was growing it to donate for Locks Of Love), but it was very low maintenance.  I could wear in pony tail, freak-bun, or keep it down and curly.  Easy-peasy.  Now, with my hair growing back, it is difficult to find a style that works and is easy.  Like I always say, hair is the bane of women's morning routine.  At least when I was bald during chemotherapy, I didn't have bad hair days......which made for a happy morning.

I will keep you guys posted, once I get my hair did tonight.  All the ladies know, when you get your hair did you feel beautiful.  Until you have to wash and fix it the next day.  I can NEVER make it strait or style like my beautician can.  So, watch the video below and pick which style I should get.  The Fade?  The "Rachel"?  Pick one and tweet me @Gator995.  Happy Hair Cut Day!