Last night, new episodes of Cajun Pawn Stars aired on the History Channel and David Little from Sulphur, Louisiana was featured on the show named “Gone Fishing”.
Little had a 1944 vintage Louisiana License plate he brought into the pawn shop to sell. Here is a few pictures from last nights show and how the sale of his license plate went.
The segment of the show where Little was featured shows him walking up to the counter where the owner of the Silver Dollar pawn shop Jimmy DeRamus was standing.  Little presented a 1944 Louisiana license plate he wanted to sell which some of the materials to make it was sugar cane.

Here is a picture of the plate.

DeRamus started to explain to Little that some of the materials used to make the plate back in 1944 were sugar cane and glue. He also told him most of those plates were made at Angola state prison.
Little explained to DeRamus that he got the plate from a friend who was cleaning out a garage and knew he liked cars so she just gave it to him.  Then of course, the negotiations began.  Little’s starting asking price for the plate was $500.00.
DeRamus counter with $50. Little came back with $250 which DeRamus said $100.  When it was all said and done, the plate was sold for $175.00. The segment ended with Little doing what he called “The money dance.

So there you have it, Southwest Louisiana was featured on last night’s episode of Cajun pawn Stars.