I personally feel that there isn't a salary too big when it comes to teachers. Education is one of the most important things today. In an evergrowing world, if you aren't equipped between your ears... it could be a life of continuous stuggle.

Ashley Dartez CEO people are overpaid because they don't know jack squat ...the underpaid are the people below them because if it wasn't for them working their asses off there would be no CEO

David Warden Overpaid, professional sports players, underpaid police officers, fire fighters, EMT, teachers, our military!

Joseph McCann Overpaid - professional athletes. Underpaid - us blue collar rednecks that keep this country running.

Kim Guerrero Most overpaid is everyone in Washington, senate, etc.......underpaid the middle class people!

Miranda McNeel I would say at least half the population agrees with over paid sports figures and underpaid healthcare, military, and law enforcements trying to save us.

Ryan Landry Those who entertain our children shouldn't make more in a month than the person who educates our children makes in a year.

Pam Swinney Over paid professional athletes, big name actors/actresses, big name singers. Under paid teachers, police officers, firefighters, anyone that works 40 hours and income is below poverty level!

Jessica Haley-Smith Overpaid: pro sports players and actors. Underpaid: anyone in childcare or teaching.