Hello Dead-head! The Walking Dead returned to television last night their sixth season. Now with Morgan in the mix of things, will he try to stop Team Rick and his method of survival.

Mistie LeBlanc Why couldn't they just leave them and deal with them down there? Where are they taken them anyways????

Debbie Esthay They said bc the trucks were keeping them in that ravine but the truck was going to fall one day and then they would go straight to their town. So they were trying to lead them way, way away before that happened.

Debbie Esthay Loved it. I knew it was gonna backfire on them though. Lol

Gretchen Hurlbut Who is blowing the horn?? I wanna know now!

Heather Dugas I could have done without the black & white parts....I had to check to see if my TV was messing up lol

Vickie Dronet Back flashes to how they get there...I loved it..should have DVRed it so I could blitz it I have NO patience

Amy Drymon I haven't watched The Walking Dead since they turned Sophia into a zombie. I just couldn't handle it.

Alicia LeLeux Loved it!! Dying to see next week's episode to see who was behind the horn. I'm thinking the Wolves. The preview for next week looked awesome.