I am what you call a "cradle Catholic", baptized Catholic at birth, I attended a Catholic grade school through eighth grade and I was married at a nuptial Mass at St. Marry's in Orange,Texas.  Which, is why I am SO GIDDY Pope Francis is visiting our country.  What I wouldn't do for a ticket to be in the same room as him.  This has to be the best foreign invasion since The Beatles visited in the 60's.  Catholic or no catholic, this is a pretty cool historical happening right now.  Which, is why I had to know more about the man behind the cloak, what is he hiding?  Read below for some interesting unknown facts about Francis the man, long before he became the Pope.

1.  Pope Francis is an actual scientist.   He obtained a Chemistry degree from the University of Buenos Aires, he also has a Doctorate of Theology.

2.  He has a Twitter, @Pontifex, and he has more the 6 million followers and prefers to personally Tweet at much as he can. 

3.  He has had three girlfriends:  one at 12 (he proposed, she said no), then a girlfriend during his teenage years; and then he fell in love at age 22.

4.  To make money in college, he worked as a bouncer in an Argentinian nightclub.

5.  He knows how to dance the tango.