You have the two places that are no-no's down but just use common sense for the rest.
I wouldn't suggest bringing a dog into a clothing store or anything like that, places that serve food or of course a "no dogs allowed" place.

I've seen people who bring their dog every where, just leave them in the car if they aren't going to be too long, like at the grocery store and such. Now, if you know you are going to be in the grocery store for a long period of time and it's hot as heck outside... I strongly recommend you leave Poochie at the house! Thank you.

When is it okay and not okay to bring the dog?

Gay... If its a service dog, it's always ok. They're trained for that and for a reason.

Ethan... To work and into a bank lobby. Those are totally acceptable.

Jessica... Where ever you and your bestfriend goes that's where you and your dog should be able to go. It's legal (with the right documentation) to bring a service dog anywhere. You never know when you might have an episode and your bestfriend isn't there to help you through it.

Ann... If I had my way..any place..any time..but for sho service dogs should be allowed every place..every time.

Kramer... II It's always ok to bring my dogs with me, anywhere.

Net... It's the law to allow service dogs.

Cynthia... Anyplace you damn well want to!!!!!