I don't think of myself as a TV junkie, but I do know when a miniseries or reality show has run its course.

I feel the latest example of this is American Idol.

The seasons with Simon, Paula, and Randy were gold for the Fox network. When Nicki and Mariah took a turn in the judge's seat, the air slowly started coming out of the balloon. Today that balloon is flat. My opinion.

I recently asked Gator Country which TV show needs to go.

Brandy... So many. Real housewives, most all the reality crap, so many maybe that's why I watch a lot of NatGo. I learned about earth and animals and the animals don't have to read lines.

Shayne... As someone who has been a huge fan from the beginning, either start to change things about TWD or end it. Just seems like they are dragging it out and running out I things to write about.

Jacob... Reality TV is the bane of my existence. Especially "reality" TV shows, starring people that are fed lines and involved in situations that are clearly staged... What upsets me the most is that the majority of America is dumb enough to believe it's real.

Lori... The Bachelor. You really love him after the first one-on-one date??