Let's face it. New Orleans is all about mystique. It is the Vampire capitol of the United States. I would venture to guess it is also the Voodoo capitol. I want to share my Saints Voodoo story with you.

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It was back in 2009 when I had Saints Season tickets. What a great year to have season tickets huh? It was a Monday night game in New Orleans. We were waiting to enter the dome on the Poydras Street gate and talking about what a great year Drew Brees was having. On this night the Saints were playing New England so there was quite a buzz about the game. As we were talking the lady in line in front of us turned around and in her New England accent said "well you know we have a pretty good quarterback too." I replied (with my best Southern charm) "yes ma'am you do; but tonight is our night." She replied "we'll see about that" and turned back around.

The sun had just about completely gone down when I looked down Poydras Street and saw it. There was a fog rolling in from each street that Poydras intersected with. It created quite a surreal effect. I tapped the New England lady on her shoulder and she turned around. I ask her "You see that?" I pointed to the fog sneaking in the side streets then said "you are in trouble now ... that's Who Dat Voodoo rolling in." She quickly turned around and did not talk to us anymore.

The Saints won the game 38-17.