Recently I asked some of the Gator 99.5 social media to swing 'Callin Baton Rouge" by Garth Brooks with me. Thank you, thank you for the participation!

I spent last night in the arms of a girl in Louisiana...

(Your turn)

Tyler Thibodeaux "And though I'm out on the highway my thoughts are still with her"

Karen Daigle Such a strange combination of a woman and a child...Such a strange situation stoppin' every hundred miles...Callin Baton Rouge

Jennifer Wilks Operator won't you put me on through,gotta send my love down to baton rouge,hurry up won't you put her on the line, i gotta talk to the girl just one more time

Jennifer Wilks Woah call in baton rouge

Christy Godeaux Hello Samantha dear I hope you're feelin fine...and it won't be long until I'm with you all the time...but until then I'll spend my money right up down to my last dime...caaaaaallin Baton Rouge

Jennifer Wilks Sweet baton rouge, my baton rouge Woah woah

Ashley Lawson (Throws down mic and exits stage like a boss)

Well said Ashley. And now... The Man.