There seems to be a time in every married relationship when the focus moves from romance to comfort. Most relationship experts say it's about three to three and a half years.  While true love may not fade, our desire to keep the spark of romance alive tends to fade. Maybe it's work, maybe it's the kids, maybe it's the monotony of familiarity. Here are five ways you can tell if you're taking each other for granted. 

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    Closing The Bathroom Door

    Even though all great couples know that sharing is the key to trust. There are some things you don't need to share. One of those would be the sounds and smells of your bodily functions. The closing of the bathroom door for "number one" or "number two" is simply being respectable. If you keep the bathroom door open while you are draining the goose or honking out a dirt snake you're just not saying I love you.

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    Different Dinner Times

    The opportunity to have a meal together every night of the week is usually not feasible for working couples or couples with small children. The simple act of having food prepared or brought home is usually difficult enough. However mealtime is just as important to a marriage as it is to a family. This bonding time gives everyone a chance to discuss their day. This lack of interaction and understanding is what separates couples. It's where the phrase, "I don't even know you anymore" gets started.

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    Looking Less Than Wonderful

    If you live with someone you will see them at their worst. That is expected when someone is not well or has been tackling a rough day. It's those other times when sweat pants and granny panties replace the hot looking jeans and the Victoria Secrets. That is when the relationship begins to derail. Now guys this need to "look like you give a darn" applies to you too. If you look down and can't see your feet because of your belly or you haven't changed underpants in three days maybe you aren't trying either.

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    Different Bed Times

    In a relationship where there is a strong connection the desire to retire to the bedroom chamber at the same time is usually more the rule than the exception. If things have gone a little flat in your relationship the different times for sleeping could be a big reason. It's understandable if work schedules require different sleep regimens, but if you're on the same schedule climbing into bed together at the same time makes for a great bonding experience.

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    You Get Used To Being Forgotten

    To be truthful you never really get used to being forgotten you just learn to tolerate it. Both men and women can forget what is important to their partner. A lot of the understanding of what is important could have come during the meal that you didn't have together. This is a very lonely feeling. You start to wonder if you even matter or if your partner even cares. Don't forget the love of your life. You'll only have one.

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