We all love our vacations. We are not so keen on anyone else's vacation. In fact most of find the pictures that others post from their getaway time to be rather annoying. What are the most annoying vacation photos? I can see you like rubbing it in too. Here are five of our favorites.


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    Pictures of Food and Drink

    We understand that you do need nourishment on vacation. We also grasp the fact that maybe you'll have a cocktail or twenty. Unless you're going to show me something on your plate I can't get within a 12 hour flight of my current destination, I don't want to see it and neither do any of your friends.

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    Doing Predictable Things at Famous Places

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    Pictures of Palm Trees and Sand

    I know this seems innocent. You're just wanting to share the amazing feeling of being in one of the places that the Almighty blessed with such amazing tranquility. It's really hard to appreciate that serenity when you've just spent 20 minutes in the checkout line at Walmart waiting on an assistant manager to waddle over to your register and approve an override on a personal hygiene item.

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    Pictures of Hot Dog Legs

    This is basically a female faux pas because men's legs do not look like hot dogs. They might look more like pasty white ham hocks than hot dogs. Regardless, the photo shows that you just want to show off the fact that you're nearly nekkid on a warm sandy beach while the rest of us are baking in the bleachers at a t-ball game that has lasted over two hours and it's still the first inning.

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    Pictures of Glorious Sunsets

    Back at home the glory of the sunset was obscured by the neighbors backyard shed so we didn't get that scene at our house. You however got to see nature in all of its glorious splendor separate the day from the night. Your picture of this magic moment reminded us that you're going to be waking up somewhere enchanted. We will hopefully be able to regain consciousness by the time the alarm clock goes off for the eighth time.