Over the years in our house, my family has come to the conclusion that we're not alone, and we are joined by some spirits. While we don't feel they are bad spirits, or negative, we would like them to move on.

I'm sure everybody has experienced a spirit of some sort in one of the places they've lived throughout their lives. I lived in one place that I'm convinced had a negative spirit or spirits that were wandering around. There were many places in that house that were very creepy and I avoided them altogether.

Where I currently live, I feel that there are definitely some spirits here and I think they seem nice enough. We hear noises in certain parts of the house pretty regularly, and our printer seems to be a device the spirits likes to use to mess with, or of course, there's a problem with the printer.

But how do you really know if your house is haunted, or might have some spirits roaming around? Here are six ways for you to determine if your home has some unexpected guests.

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