I will admit it, I have sweaty feet. Growing up, I always wished I could be one of the cool kids and not wear socks with my shoes. Why? I don't know, it always seemed like the cool thing to do.

I tried it for a few days growing up, despite my mother's concern. After day three, my shoes had become a haven for a smell that could only be described as a dirty diaper filled with rotten Chinese food and burnt hair left in a car during summer. Needless to say, I went back to wearing socks or just stayed with flip flops.

Now, thanks to TikTok, we have learned a trick to prevent the time-consuming process of putting socks on with slip-on shoes. The whole reason to by slip-on shoes is for speed, right? Plus, we all know I refuse to wear Crocs.

The trend going around involves a cheap pair of socks. You remove the insole from your shoes - it's become real popular with Hey Dude shoe owners - and place each sock around the insole of your shoe. I personally don't own a pair of Hey Dude shoes since I was blessed with a high instep, but I decided to reach out to a few who do own them. Most have heard about it and tried the little life hack. Surprisingly, everyone who tried it swore it worked. I have a knock-off pair I plan on doing the same to this week to see how a good sweaty foot will react to them.

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