He's been known to speak his mind while on stage. From stopping in the middle of a song after watching a man hit a woman, to even calling out a male concert goer for groping a woman in front of the stage.

Aaron Lewis was playing one of his acoustic shows at the Pharr Events center. According to reports I've read, he usually finished the night off with no microphone, no amplification, just his raw voice, and his guitar. This means the crowd has to be totally silent in order to hear. As he gets ready for the last song, Lewis sits on his bar stool waiting for the crowd to settle, much like a 1st grade teacher, and makes a remark that the crowd needs to be quiet for him to continue.

lewis 1

Now, I have been to plenty of shows and seen this type of act work beautifully, the star has the entire crowd in the palm of his hands, and you can hear the energy. This show in Pharr, wasn't the case. Random people in the crowd begin yelling for the others to be quiet, and all it does it spark others to say the same. All while Lewis keeps his seat on stage.

During the video posted by TMZ, someone yells out for Lewis to tell the crowd to be quiet in Spanish. That's when he appears triggered a bit and make the statement

"I'm Sorry, I don't know how to speak Spanish. I'm American."

The crowd gets louder with mixed reactions of encouragement, followed by a few boos. He steps to the edge of the stage to begin, but the crowd never fully quiets back down. Lewis walks back to the microphone, as if the class was not getting the extra recess that was promised and tells them good night, as he walks off stage.

lewis 3

Would the crowd be silent had he started singing? Did he lose some respect from fans after that remark? Take a look at the video and see for yourself what happened. :::Warning, there is some STRONG language in the video that has not been edited:::

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