Last month in Texas, Aaron Lewis was closing out his show but stormed off before actually singing the last song. The song is meant to be just Lewis and his guitar with no amplification. Due to the crowd not settling, Lewis waited and waited until he had enough and stormed off.

This past weekend, it happened again. In the video below, Lewis goes to play his last song with just him, his voice, and his guitar. The crowd can be heard chatting, yelling, and just not paying attention. Lewis expects everyone to be silent for the song, and the crowd seems to not want to comply. Lewis seems to have more than enough and starts yelling at the crowd with some questionable words as he strums his guitar and starts yelling. He strums a bit more, then finally snaps. He walks upstage, drops his guitar, picks up his drink, and throws it out in the crowd.

lewis walks 2

Lewis mentions that, during the whole show, the crowd wouldn't remain quiet while he was performing. I get it, it's a show, there will be talking. There also is a respect involved that should be there, with the crowd respecting the fact that the artist is performing and should give the artist their full attention.

My personal opinion is that I applaud Lewis for performing to a disruptive crowd, still working for the venue that hired him, the crews that work for him, and trying to still put on a show. It has to be very discouraging to feel like no one is paying attention to you and the music you have worked very hard on. I don't blame him for getting upset and walking.

Luckily, Rock Feed has the video for our cringing enjoyment!

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