Speculation around Aaron Rodgers and his future has been swirling for months now. While the latest report says that Rodgers turned down an offseason deal from the Green Bay Packers that would make him the highest paid NFL player, rumors have continued to muddy the waters around what the reigning NFL MVP's next move will be.

The Green Bay Packers? The Denver Broncos? THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS?!?

Where Aaron Rodgers will be playing come Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season is as up-in-the-air as ever. But new information just came out that points towards money not being the issue for his and Green Bay's current relationship issues.

See the report from NFL insider @AdamSchefter.

While speculation has been wild for weeks, this is the latest legitimate report surrounding the reigning NFL MVP and the outlook of him returning to play quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

What did Aaron Rodgers say when asked if he is returning to the Green Bay Packers?

Rodgers recently broke his silence during the broadcast of 'The Match' where he played golf with Bryson DeChambeau against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson. While Rodgers acknowledged the elephant in the room, he pretty much left it at, "We'll see". An ambiguous answer for a future hall-of-famer who has traditionally played his cards close to the vest.

Aaron Rodgers
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Members of the sports media, die-hard Green Bay fans, and casual NFL fans all have their own theories on what Aaron Rodgers' next move may be. Here is what some are saying.

What evidence is out in regards to Aaron Rodgers future with the Green Bay Packers?

See what the Packers' play-by-play announcer had to say about Rodgers' house via @AndrewSiciliano on Twitter below.

Packers' announcer, Wayne Larrivee, heard that Rodgers was having his house "deep-cleaned" while saying the report wasn't official or confirmed. The home in Green Bay was not being rented or anything of that matter, but a presumption could be that the house was being cleaned before selling. Larrivee does not believe that this is the case, but felt that it was worth noting in his TV appearance.

In the same appearance, there was allusion to Rodgers' golf club membership in Green Bay. Multiple outlets reported that the MVP's membership at a golf club in the area had been renewed, pointing to Rodgers being in Green Bay for the next year.

See one report from @ProFootballTalk below.

Plus this from @tffphilip via Twitter.

So a house "deep-clean" plus a renewed golf membership. Not really the kind of information that could substantiate Rodgers going one way or the other.

But, Rodgers does appear on one former NFL All-Pro Punter's show frequently. This leads me to believe that Pat McAfee may have better information on the subject anyone.

See what the @PatMcAfee show reported about the Rodgers situation.

According to McAfee, who is alluding to a "source" that may or may not be Aaron Rodgers himself, Rodgers has not had his house deep-cleaned by anyone but his personal cleaning crew and also did not outwardly choose to renew his golf club membership.

More on the golf-club topic during Mark Schlereth's appearance on the @PatMcAfeeShow below.

Auto-pay on that golf membership seems to be the explanation per Schlereth's theory and McAfee's "source".

Where does Aaron Rodgers currently stand with the Green Bay Packers?

The short of it is that Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are the same exact place that they have been for the past two months. Limbo.

The Green Bay Packers have made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of trading their MVP quarterback.

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
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Aaron Rodgers has made it clear that is isn't about the money at this point, especially with the latest report shows him turning down a deal that would make him the highest paid player in the NFL.

What do analysts say about Aaron Rodgers' future with the Green Bay Packers?

Get @stephenasmith thoughts via Twitter below.

Mike Florio's thoughts via @RyanMc23 on Twitter here.

Feelings of @AndrewBrandt via his Twitter post here.

Where would Aaron Rodgers play if not playing for the Green Bay Packers?

There are a few teams who are getting the majority of conversation when it comes to where Rodgers could end up if he does get out of Green Bay.

One being the Denver Broncos...

... and another being the New Orleans Saints.

My personal opinion? I don't even think Aaron Rodgers fully knows what he will be doing come Week 1 of the NFL season when the Green Bay Packers travel down to the Big Easy to face the New Orleans Saints. A lot of craziness would have to ensue for Rodgers to end up playing quarterback for anyone but Green Bay, but especially so if he ended up with Saints.

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints
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If some unforeseen events occur where Aaron Rodgers ends up playing quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, I will be referring back to this post come January when he leads the #WhoDatNation to the promised land.

But for now, the speculation continues.

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