The New Orleans Saints got a dirty surprise from some dirty bird fans last night as their plane landed in Atlanta. Their plane was egged on the tarmac by airport workers.  No official word on whether or not the Atlanta Falcons laid the eggs themselves.

TMZ reported the story last night after tight end Jimmy Graham tweeted about the incident shortly after the Saints landed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The Saints will have to yolk their frustrations over the soft-boiled brains of the Falcons fans tonight, but until that omelet is done, they'll have to scramble to pull out a win.

Anyway, eggs.

KATC-TV also reports that the airport's security will be tightened when the Saints go for their return flight, which makes this just about the silliest thing the Atlanta Police will be doing today.  An investigation is underway, too.  Tax dollars hard at work, ladies and gents.

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