In Louisiana, we love our coffee. If you grew up here in the Bayou State then you know that coffee is a way of life and most people can't function or start their day without a cup.

When you were growing up and lived in a Cajun household chances are you were woken up with the smell of coffee brewing at 4:30 am because your maw maw or paw paw's Mr. Coffee machine was set to go off then. Chances are that they drank Community Coffee, which is a popular choice of Louisiana Cajuns everywhere.

That was the good old days because most people now opt for the quick coffee fix by stopping in at a Starbucks or a Dunkin' Donuts and getting that fancy type of coffee. With hundreds of Starbucks in Louisiana, it makes it the easy choice while on the go.

Now if you are a coffee drinker at home, you may be picky with what brand or flavor of coffee you like to have but while drinking your favorite, have you ever wondered which coffee is the worst coffee brand in America? The results are in and we have found out the worst.

Folgers To Stop Using Metal Cans For Packaging
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According to 247 Wall St., the worst coffee brand in America is Folgers Coffee. They said,

The absence of sustainability certifications raises questions about the brand’s commitment to ethical coffee sourcing and production methods. This shift from a beloved household name to a brand marked by shortcuts in quality and ethics is a warning to consumers seeking both quality and responsibility in their coffee choices. Source 247 Wall St.

So thank you lucky stars that we have Community up in Louisiana.

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