Today (January 8), is the King's birthday. My mother, like everyone else's, was/is a HUGE Elvis fan. In fact, when Elvis died in August, it was the day my parents were getting married. I make the joke, but I am pretty sure it's true, they almost didn't get married that day because of it!

elvis 3

I like Elvis, his style, his music, his live concerts I've seen. I also enjoy his weird taste in food. Color me surprised when I ran across this jewel on the internet. Elvis had a cook book! Are You Hungry Tonight? Was published on August of 1992 and contains recipes he and Priscilla loved, and some of his own mother's recipes.

elvis 4

Naturally the Peanut Butter and 'Nanner Sandwiches are in there, but so is the recipe for Priscilla's Wedding Cake. Another strange recipe inside is the Burnt Bacon and Mustard Sandwich. I won't judge, I've eaten worse combos in my life.

Elvis 1

Ebay user Pollysteve, has a copy for sale online, and you can find them on Amazon as well for a few dollars. I really think I should invest in one for the proper way to prepare one of these burnt bacon sandwiches!

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