Have you ever had the opportunity to live in the northern states. My family did for six years in Nebraska. The one thing you could count on each and every year was plenty of snow. Something rarely seen here in Southwest Louisiana.

There are days I miss those snowy months, and then I find myself very thankful where I am currently at.

First off, I am a big fan of a snowy Christmas day. A White Christmas. I can't explain it. I guess as a child growing up, when my parents would read my stories of toys, reindeers, snowmen, and a little old bearded in a red suit... one of my wishes every December was for it to snow in our neck of the woods.

It wasn't til later in life where I had the opportunity to share a longtime dream with my family.


Now...with that said... living in the Big Red State did change my opinion of snow. My snow craving would end on December 26. The driving conditions... the shoveling of snow... the BLACK ICE! Yeah, no thank you.


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