Living in Louisiana takes the whole "awkward firsts" thing to a new level.

There are those awkward milestones in every relationship, you know, like the first time you meet their parents or the first time you pee in front of each other, normal relationship stuff. But there are a few firsts that only residents of The Boot will ever understand.

  1. The first time you and your significant other go to a crawfish boil together and you think they are leaning in for a kiss, but they make a last minute napkin grab and wipe the crawfish juice off of your chin.
  2. The first time your s/o helps you nurse a bloody nose after being pelted in the face with a bag of Mardi Gras beads. Seriously though, does no one just throw one necklace at a time anymore?
  3. The first time you and your bf/gf grab some gumbo on a rainy day and you immediately regret it, because on the car ride home you have the post-gumbo burps. Every time you exhale it reeks of meat and the holy trinity, and not in a good way. You can't hide from meaty burps, they linger and can kill a good time faster than Troy Landry can yell "Choot 'Em"!
  4. The look you get when college football gets brought up for the first time and you casually mention to your s/o that you don't actually like LSU.
  5. The first time you meet your new boo's parents and their mom says "Oh! Your last name is Thibodeaux? That's my mother's maiden name! Maybe y'all are long-lost cousins!"
  6. The first time you sleep over at your s/o's place and try to be all cute and cuddle, but you can't help but want to vomit a little because their sweat is dripping on you. Louisiana summers are too darn hot to sleep that close to someone!
  7. The first time they make you dinner and you have to lie and say their rice and gravy tastes even better than your moms.
  8. The first time they hold your hair and rub your back while you puke up something that resembles that rainbow filter on Snapchat, because you thought it was a good idea to mix multiple daiquiri flavors in one night.
  9. The first time the "Cupid Shuffle" comes on and you pretend like you don't want to run onto the dance floor and "walk it by yourself". I mean, you haven't gotten your shuffle on since senior prom, right?

Now, I am no pro-dater, so I'm sure there are a ton of awkward Louisiana firsts that I missed. If you think of one leave a comment and I will add it to the list!

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