It's the time of the year when we load up what we deem as necessary and head somewhere other than home. It's supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating. We call it a vacation. For a lot of us it's about a twelve on the one to ten stress meter.

However when we finally get where we are going that's where we take out our frustrations on modern life by not using our home training while we are guests at other places.

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    We Pee In The Pool

    You probably want to think twice before you open your eyes in the condo pool. God forbid some of that water get into your mouth. Studies show than nearly 64% of us have gone wee wee in the pool while on vacation. That means two thirds of the people that you see around you at the condo pool have emptied their bladder where you and your kids are swimming.

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    We've Saved Beach Chairs Improperly

    Oddly enough this is where my early rising tendencies make me quite popular among the vacation crowd that travels with me. Since I am up early I am tasked with heading to the beach and laying claim to beach chairs by dropping a towel on the chairs we want. The experts in travel say 59% of us have done it and will by God do it again. It isn't right but we're on vacation so it's okay.

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    We Steal Stuff

    Some of the most God fearing 10 Commandment following people I know do this on a regular basis. I am not talking about taking a tiny bottle of shampoo or conditioner from a hotel. I am talking about removing the extra blanket, the extra pillow, the remainder of the toilet tissue and even a shower curtain. For some reason the anonymity that goes with being in a strange place makes us feel like we have a license to steal. At least 69% of us have done so.

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    We Fake Being Sick To Spend An Extra Day

    We were supposed to be back on Thursday but as luck would have it we got sick while on vacation. What a bummer! We phone into the office in our best froggy voice and claim a cold, the flu, Ebola, or flesh eating bacteria will keep us away from the office at least one more day. Almost one quarter of us have done this. We all know that one extra day makes the difference between relaxing and not being ready for work.

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    We Fake Bake To Fool Our Friends

    We went to the beach. It rained the whole darn time. We told our friends we were going to spend every waking minute on the sand or by the pool or taking on margaritas by an I.V. How do we show people we were on vacation when we really sat in the condo and played Cards Against Humanity for five straight days? About 4% of us have hit the tanning booth for that golden glow. After all what good is a vacation if you can't make your co-workers jealous?