The MLB announced there will indeed be a 2020 season. After an exhausting back and forth between players, the MLB, commissioner Rob Manfred has overruled all negotiations and is setting the 2020 season up for 60 games.

The mandate ends the back and forth between the players and the MLB and overrules any negotiations to stop the process. So what will the 2020 MLB season look like now that we are technically in the middle of it? Here is the breakdown for this season.

When will the 2020 season of MLB actually start?

  • Spring training, in the summer, will begin on July 1 with players reporting
  • The regular season start date for 2020 will either be July 23 or July 24 of 2020

Manfred has implemented 60 games for the 2020 season, assuming no crazy act or event stops the season unexpectedly. The schedule will have divisional play against their opponents close to each other's location. This will prevent the need to travel long distances, allowing the possibility of infection. There will be 40 intradivision games followed by 20 interleague ones.

What protocols will be in place to help the players?

A revised proposal that has been going back and forth since May of this year is being put into place. It includes players not playing in the game to be six feet apart, including staff with the team. Teams will not be allowed to spit or use tobacco products that involve spitting. Game balls will be removed from the game after they have been touched by multiple players. Each player in the game will be required to have a coronavirus test done the week of each game. If the player tests positive for the virus, he will be quarantined. The only way a player who tests positive can return to the game is after having two negative tests.

Playoff and Rule Changes 

There will be no expanded playoffs during the 2020 season. A normal ten team format will continue for the season. The National league will have a designated hitter and any extra innings will have no outs, but a runner on second. This is being put into place to prevent the teams and staff longer being at a game than necessary.

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