The Beauregard Parish School Board has announced that starting during the 2024-2025 school year, the school will now go to a four-day school week hybrid calendar.

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The conversation has been a major talking point over the last year in the parish and it has finally come to fruition, for the good or the bad. Some believe the new calendar could help ease the teacher and substitute shortages throughout the parish.

During the monthly School Board meeting on August 10th, the board debated a 4-day school week vs a 5-day school week calendar.

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District 3B, Garrett Greene, introduced a compromise to try and help find a solution for both sides... A hybrid calendar that would include both four and five-day weeks. The exact school calendar has not been formatted yet, but the hybrid calendar would apply to the schools in the DeRidder, East Beauregard, and South Beauregard communities if approved.

With the teacher shortages across the state and the nation, in doing this, the Beauregard Parish School Board is hoping to attract more teachers to the district.

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Two schools in the parish already operate on a four-day schedule. Merryville and East Beauregard have been on the four-day schedule for years now.

If this goes well, should more school districts and parishes transition to 4-Day Weeks? Is it more beneficial to the student? How does it affect the parents who work 5 days a week? How does it affect the teachers? All of these questions and more would need to be asked if the thought were to ever come up.

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