(Vinton, Louisiana) - Louisiana is known for alligators and we see them in swamps, marshes, and nature preserves all the time. Now with that being said, when we see an alligator somewhere you don't expect to see it, it could shock you.

Delta Downs Racetrack Casino and Hotel located in Vinton, Louisiana is known for its exciting live horse racing here in Southwest Louisiana. The track features live Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse racing throughout the year. If you have ever been to the stunning track, you know that it sports a large pond on the right side of the track.


Some creatures have made the pond their home and one creature in particular lives in the pond. A large alligator named Marty makes his home inside the pond. We know you are wondering, how do you know the alligator's name? From the posts that the fine folks at Delta Downs racetrack make, they refer to this huge alligator as Marty.

Last week, Southwest Louisiana saw heavy rainstorms for a few consecutive days and we guess Marty decided to take a stroll around the racetrack. In the video you are about to watch, Delta Downs videoed old Marty walking across the track as he heads back to his home in the track pond.

Delta Downs posted this video on the Delta Downs Racetrack Facebook page. Check this out.

Was it weird to see a gator on the racetrack where you are used to seeing horses race? Hey Marty, they race horses there, not alligators. So the next time you're out at Delta Downs to watch exciting horse racing action, look for ole Marty, he may make an appearance.

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