It's the Mardi Gras season and everyone is hitting the Mardi Gras balls and events in Southwest Louisiana. Coming up Mardi Gras week, there are a ton of events taking place in Southwest Louisiana and Lake Charles.

Mardi Gras week and weekend gets underway on Friday night, February 17th with the Merchants Parade. Look for the Gator 99.5 Buddy Russ bus in the parade as we will be throwing all sorts of stuff like Gator 99.5 t-shirts, concert tickets, cups, frisbees, and so much more.

Then on Saturday, the gumbo cook-off will take place that morning at the Lake Charles Civic Center. On Sunday, February 19th will be the Chilfrens parade and then the Krewe of Krewe's parade will take place on Mardi Gras Day, February 21st, 2023.

Accordion (Photo by TSM/C Fruge)

So you're probably asking, well you missed Monday, what's going on Monday? That is where we come in.

Tune in tomorrow morning at 7:40 am to Mike Soileau and Chad Austin for a big announcement. We will give you a hint. It's something you're familiar with and it will take place on Monday, February 20th in Lake Charles.

The day before Mardi Gras is known as Lundi Gras. There is your next hint. The final thing we will say is that you will not want to miss this party!!!!

So tune in tomorrow morning at 7:40 am to Mike Soileau and Chad Austin on Gator 99.5 for the big announcement!!!

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