It seemed like a normal morning at the Gator radio ranch. Nice weather outside. Full pot of coffee. That was until Erin peaked into a coworkers office and saw something that was totally BIZARRE!

Our buddy, friend, pal Scott Lewis was strumming his guitar and playing, senenading a loaf of bread? Yes, a loaf of bread. Lights were off, scented candlies were lit... frankly, he was dressed up a one of the Blues Brothers.

Later that day, I was going to ask Mr. Lewis about his morning but had second thoughts and got really really scared.

Anyway, what is the most bizarre thing you have seen in the workplace? Here's some Gator feedback!

Dawn White... My boss actually working.

Lucille Ardoin... Well, I work in a bar soooo, I would have to say a grown ( elderly) woman coming in dressed in red fringe and dancing to the jukebox trying to strip. She then was greatly offended and surprised when none of the guys were interested in her maneuvers. She screamed and cussed us all as we threw her out.

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