There is nothing like the emotions of sport. Those emotions lift us high in victory and unfortunately bring out some of our worst behavior when the outcome is not in our favor. Such was the case last night outside ATT Stadium in Texas where the Dallas Cowboys play their home football games.

The Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers had just wrapped up a thrilling Wild Card Playoff game that ended with the Cowboys coming up just short on a call that many fans and pundits have questioned.

Okay, not only have Cowboys fans questioned the call of a draw play with time running out but they are not too happy with the NFL Referee who appears to be in the way of Quarterback Dak Prescott spiking the ball to kill the clock for one more play.

Instead, the game is over and the 49ers will be moving on. As you might imagine the emotions of the NFL Playoff football combined with what could be construed by some as interference from the referees overflowed into the parking lot following the game.

That's where things got more than a little ugly between fans.

And then there was this display of Texas hospitality. It's kind of like the illusion of "Drive Friendly, the Texas Way" that you see on road signs as the guy with the Texas plates speeds by you going more than twice the posted speed limit.


Here we have some of the shenanigans that were filmed from outside the stadium and from inside there is the obligatory guy without a shirt getting into some kind of a ruckus as well.

Now despite what you might think, the Dallas Cowboys have actually won an NFL Playoff game as recently as the 2018-2019 season. However, they haven't made it past the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs since 1995 which was ironically the last time the team won the Super Bowl.

They won't be winning it again this year and I am sure their fans will have some explaining to do. I mean the display of violence and the lack of sportsmanship was almost enough to make you think you were watching a game in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, the playoffs will once again move forward with the team that thinks American cares about it.

If you think you look awkward cheering for the Cowboys during the playoffs well, you'd be right. But you can look awkward doing other things too.

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