It’s a video that’s as shocking as it is heartbreaking. In a clip widely circulating on the Web, middle school students in Rochester, NY’s Greece Central School District viciously taunt 68-year-old bus monitor Karen Klein with graphic slurs for ten minutes, eventually driving the grandmother of eight to tears. The video is very NSFW for bad language and an utter lack of humanity. But, if you read on, this terrible tale is headed for a happy ending.

The clip was grabbed from one of the offending student’s Facebook page and posted on YouTube by a concerned third party who wanted the world to see the abuse Klein suffered. It went viral, and now the woman who had wrote on her Facebook page that she enjoys working for the school district and ”will continue to work…unless I come into lots of money,” seems like she is headed for a huge financial windfall.

Max Sidorov, a 25-year-old from Toronto, watched the video Wednesday on Reddit and was horrified to see what Klein was forced to go through. So he set up a fundraising page on Indiegogo with the purpose of sending Klein on a nice, relaxing vacation. His goal was to raise $5,000. He already has well over $150,000 in pledges.

Since Klein is hard of hearing, she didn’t even realize how bad the taunts were until she saw the video.

“I can’t believe it happened,” she said. “It was just plain mean. Nobody should have to put up with that.”

Klein commented that while some students have come forward to apologize for her treatment, she has yet to hear from any of her actual tormentors. School officials have said they will be held responsible. Watch Klein, who looks to be headed for one amazing vacation and more, explain what happened below.

Watch Karen Klein talking about the incident on ‘Today.’

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