Before the game on Saturday, tragedy struck the area with a horrific plane crash that took the lives of 5 people. The plan was set to fly to Atlanta, but after only climbing 900ft, it crashed. As of today, investigators are still unsure of what caused the crash, and do not have much to go on since the aircraft did not contain a recording device on it.

Among the passengers on board was LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger's daughter-in-law. She was also headed to the Peach Bowl to cover the story. As the game started, Ensminger was shown at the game and focused. There was talk from the sports announcers about the tragedy throughout the game, but no one from the team had mentioned about it.

After the win by the Tigers, obviously Joe Burrow was the hot one to interview. ESPN stood with Burrow on the sideline and began the normal post-game interview questions. That was until they hit him with the question that most fans were wanting to know, but were afraid to ask. The interviewer asked him about his offensive coordinator and how he was holding up since the plane crash. You could see the smile leave his face and get serious. There would have been so many answers Burrow could have said, but he simply reacted with

I hope the world is praying for him

Burrow shuts the interview down to immediately go and check on his coach and friend about this tragedy. ESPN did apologize for breaking the news in this manner to him, and there are lots of people who are shaming them for even bringing this subject up.

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