The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury set its parishwide burn ban on fire this past week, allowing residents in the unincorporated areas of the parish to resume whatever burning activities they need to perform. The ban was officially lifted Friday.

Still, this isn’t the time to go burn crazy. As always, if you have to light any kind of fire, do so with care and common sense. While the amount of local rainfall has increased enough to lessen the chances of a fire getting out of control, the Police Jury’s press release reminds residents that:

September, October and November are typically the driest months regarding precipitation. If drought conditions return the ban will be re-instated for the safety of Parish residents.

Any citizen with questions about items needing to be burned or when they can be burned can be answered by fire departments located in the area.

For more information contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security at (337) 721-3800.

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