is it just me; or does it seem that there is never a time when we are not being bombarded with information? Have you noticed the intrusion into your life?

getty images/ Bruce Bennett

First let me state that I love the media. I have made a living for myself and my family in the media for a long time. I do sometimes hate the fact that we never take the time to just turn it all off.  We are constantly bombarding ourselves with more information.  One such occasion when we used to get away from it all was in the bathroom. When I went to the restroom it was my time. Now the walls are plastered with news or advertisements. Then there is the fact that I can take my I-Phone into the bathroom and am connected to the world. I admit to sending e-mails, checking my facebook, sending text , surfing sports sites and yes even talking on my phone while in the bathroom. Is there ever a time when we are not multitasking?

Another example is when I am getting gas. I used to take these few minutes to just stop and let my mind wonder; but now there's a TV there and before the TV comes on I am told of the many advantages of fuel additives! This is the worse kind of intrusion into my brief "Me Time." I have no choice in the matter!

Then when I am at home I am urged to watch DVDs, catch conference calls and read books on how to be a better me. What happened to my time to turn off? What happened to our time to turn off? Our brains are constantly being fed data (and that is not a bad thing) but we never take time to rest our brains.

I have people asking me "What I want for Christmas? I want "turn off time." I want to turn off my phone, the TV and my PC. I want to enjoy the sound of the wind through my wind chimes, I want to watch the birds on the feeder, I want to just talk to my wife and family, I want to watch the sun set and rise, I want to watch the fire in the fireplace, I want to gaze at the stars like I did when I was a kid. I want to see the smiles on the faces I love.

My wish for you this Holiday Season is that you get some "turn off time."