With her first four albums debuting at No. 1 and 15 chart-topping singles under her belt, Carrie Underwood has quite the story to tell. Plus, she has that whole winning ‘American Idol’ in 2005 thing to brag about, too. If you’ve ever wondered how Underwood went from being a smalltown Oklahoma girl to a megastar, VH1 is going to answer all of your questions. Rumor has it that the ‘Good Girl’ songstress is going to be featured on VH1′s famed storyteller show, ‘Behind the Music.’

‘Behind the Music’ is a five-time Emmy-nominated documentary show that reveals the intimate back story about how different stars made their rise to the top. The show uncovered the story of Underwood’s fellow country music queen, Miranda Lambert, in a previous episode.

So far, mum’s the word about when Underwood’s segment will air. Blake Tinnell, who works at Indulge — a bar and music venue in downtown Nashville — let the cat out of the bag regarding Underwood’s potential appearance on the show.

On Wednesday (July 11), Tinnell tweeted, “So at work today I [sat] and watched VH1 film Behind the Music on Carrie Underwood inside the club.” He attached a picture of the blonde bombshell on a set that looks to be ‘Behind the Music’ as proof.

That was all we needed to hear to get excited about learning Underwood’s story, straight from her mouth. The busy country star just wrapped up the overseas leg of her 2012 Blown Away Tour, and now she’s gearing up to take her live music to dozens of venues in the U.S. this fall. In the meantime, it sounds like the ‘Good Girl’ songstress is hanging out close to home in Nashville. On Tuesday (July 10), she celebrated her two-year anniversary with her husband, Nashville Predators star Mike Fisher.

Hopefully ‘Behind the Music’ production will be a breeze and we’ll catch a glimpse of Underwood on VH1 before long.

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