I am cool with a good gag from time to time. I find this video above pretty funny, but the girlfriends look pretty PO'd  until they was told that it was a joke.

Ok, how observant are you? When she put the lipstick on her hand the girl coming out of the changing room should of been wearing the same lipstick instead of nothing. Watch it again.

The last gag I pulled... was on a coworker at a radio station in Nebraska. I placed a chicken in the GM's restroom. How'd I get a chicken, you ask? I worked with someone who had a kid in 4H. Susan decided to bring one of her chickens to the radio station. The chicken was in a cage, sitting outside our building. Ten minutes later, Little Richard (chicken) was sitting in my General Manager restroom.

Yeah, his reaction was priceless. What was said? Oh, I can't type such language. Just imagine... a sailor.

I guess my prank pales in comparison to the prank in the video.

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