If you have traveled down I-10 here in downtown Lake Charles lately then you have seen some new construction on the lakefront. If you don't know what that huge new building being built is, it's the new Port Wonder. Inside the building will be the Lake Charles Children's Museum.

Our radio stations are located right across the interstate from the new construction and when they started building the frame of the building, we are not going to lie, it kind of looked like they were building a rollercoaster.

Lake Charles city limits sign, LA.
Scott Lewis

There were huge white curved beams that looked just like the frame of a rollercoaster. The design of this new building is definitely an eye-catcher. When you pass by it, you can't help to stop and look at the curves of the building.

There are other plans for the lakefront area to accompany the new Port Wonder building. From what we understand, there will also be restaurants and a brewery located in the same area.

Our good buddy, Jared Bellard, who is a local media developer went out to the site the other day to take some photos of the new Port Wonder. He used his drone to take beautiful aerial photos of the building while also capturing the beauty of the lake and the skyline of Lake Charles. He does that for a living and by the looks of these pictures, he is great at it. Get with him for all of your aerial imaging (stills/video) needs!

Check these gorgeous pictures out.

Aerial photos of Port Wonder In Lake Charles, La



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