America has plenty of smaller communities with unique names, but some sound a little stranger than others. Some town titles seem highly provocative, and some cities are named after game shows. Honestly, it's difficult not to laugh at these peculiar American town names.

Many town names are humorous, while some are evocative of tragic incidents involving death or conflict. And interested tourists rarely visit those sad locations, for the most part. Try visiting some of these absurd US towns, though, if you want to make light of American history.

#1 Intercourse, PA
Situated 10 miles east of Lancaster on Pennsylvania Route 340, Intercourse is an unincorporated hamlet and census-designated place in Leacock Township, Lancaster County, in the state of Pennsylvania, United States. The population increased from 1,274 in the previous census to 1,494 as of the 2020 one.

#2 Ding Dong, TX
In Central Texas, the United States, there is an unincorporated settlement called Ding Dong. In 2000, the Handbook of Texas states that there were 22 people living there. The metropolitan region of Killeen, Temple, and Fort Hood includes it.

#3 Pee Pee, OH
One of the fourteen townships in Pike County, Ohio, in the United States is called Pee Pee Township. 7,392 persons were counted in the township in 2020, including 4,165 in Waverly Village and 3,227 in the township's unincorporated areas.

#4 Booger Hole, WV
Booger Hole is an unincorporated settlement in West Virginia's northern Clay County. It's close to the community of Ivydale in the Rush Fork Valley. "About a dozen" killings occurred in the community in 1917 during a brief period of time.

#5 Tightsqueeze, VA
In the middle of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, in the United States, sits the unincorporated town of Tightsqueeze. It is a part of the Virginia Danville Metropolitan Statistical Area.

#6 Climax, GA
Climax is a small American community in Decatur County, Georgia. The town was called "Climax" because it is situated where the railroad between the Chattahoochee River and Savannah, Georgia, is highest. In 2020, there were 276 residents.

#7 Tightwad, MO
The American community of Tightwad is located in Henry County, Missouri. 64 people were living there as of the 2010 US Census. Missouri Route 7 leads to Tightwad.

#8 Rough And Ready, CA
In Nevada County, California, Rough and Ready is a census-designated place in the United States. It is around 62 miles from Sacramento to the west of Grass Valley, California. 963 people were counted in the population in 2010. It is often mentioned in lists of odd place names.

#9 Chicken, AK
Chicken is a small unincorporated community in Alaska's Southeast Fairbanks Census Area. It is one of the few remaining gold rush towns in Alaska and was built on the mining industry. By the 2020 census, there were 12 people living there, compared to just 7 in 2010.

#10 Beer Bottle Crossing, ID
Southwest Indiana is home to the town of Santa Claus. For its Christmas theme, it is well-known. The Santa Claus Post Office, the 1880 Santa Claus Church, and a large 1935 Santa Claus statue are located in the Santa Claus Museum & Village. The town's name derivation and local history are both explored in the museum. There is a water park and themed roller coasters at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. Jim Yellig Park features a playground, pathways, and sports fields.

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