You know what's the worst? Getting to the DMV, all ready to renew your license, sitting in line, waiting your turn, getting to the desk and finding out that you have some sort of flag on you license. It's situations like that which make me glad that regular people don't have control of America's nuclear arsenal.

The state announced today, however, that the scenario I just described -- one that has happened to me so many times that I wished I had just ONE nuclear bomb -- will be a thing of the past. Visiting the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles site at will allow you to check your license status before you go to the DMV.

You can be prepared BEFORE you show up at the DMV. That's an incredible change. Now, it doesn't mean you can necessarily solve your problem without going to the DMV, but knowing in advance is way better than not knowing at all.

This free service allows licensed drivers to learn if there are any issues with their driver status prior to completing the renewal process.  For example, this may include insurance violations, suspensions or other issues which would prevent someone from renewing their driver’s license.  If problems are identified, the system will direct the customer on what steps must be taken to clear up the issues.  If no problems are identified, the system will indicate that “you have no outstanding issues with the Office of Motor Vehicles.” -- press release

To use the service at, you'll need your license number and the last four digits of your Social Security number.