Every now and then in a performance, you see past the performer and through to the person inside.  It's not often, but when it happens, it's pretty powerful, and if you saw Chris Cagle perform at the Texas Longhorn in Vinton this past weekend, you saw a guy not afraid to humble himself in front of a crowd and say "Thank you."

It happened during his performance of "I Breathe In, I Breathe Out."  Things started like you might expect, but right around the 1:44 mark, Chris seems overcome with emotion.  Ten seconds later, he stops the song entirely.  He tells us that four years ago, he quit the country music business "not because of the music but because of the business."  He came back when he had the chance to do things his way, and the fact that the fans still support him obviously means a lot to him.  And to stop a song mid-performance and say 'thank you' to those fans -- well, that can't be easy to do.

Having that kind of respect for your fans is incredible, isn't it?

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