Apparently, you can't put an album out these days unless Chris Stapleton has sung on it. Ed Sheeran, Pink, Justin Timberlake, and now Sheryl Crow have all featured Stapleton.

Crow's new album is titled Threads. The song she sings with Stapleton, called Tell Me When It's Over, features the duo with Stapleton playing the lead on it. Crow and Stapleton wrote the song together and it's sultry as all get out! It talks about a relationship that is destined to be doomed, and the singer is just along for the ride, waiting for the other to tell them when it's finally over. Makes sense, right?

YouTube Sheryl Crow

On Crow's YouTube page, a lyric video has been released featuring pictures of the two in the studio when they were recording the track together. The song is set up as a call and response style song, with Stapleton echoing in the background as Sheryl sings the main lines. During the chorus, they go in harmony with their buttery voices. I have heard it quite a few times now, and I was a bit leery of hearing them together. To me, the only woman that Stapleton should be singing with is his wife, Morgane. Maybe I am just being biased, but Morgane Stapleton can out sing Sheryl Crow on even a bad day. Either way, the sound works and makes for an amazing little groove.

Crow's new album features many more co-writers and singers including Keith Richards, Joe Walsh, and even Kris Kristofferson. The album is set to be released on August 30.

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