Chris slammed a guy on Twitter for bad-mouthing his "Think Of You" partner, Cassadee Pope.

You never hear anything negative about Chris Young in the media, not that this is exactly all that negative. He's just usually a pretty even-keeled dude. But, now we all know that you do not talk smack about Cassadee Pope on Twitter and get away with it.

A twitter user slammed Cassadee Pope for her "overly autotuned voice", and Chris was not happy about it. He responded to the uncalled for comment by saying "I don't normally respond to Tweets like this, but you're an [a-hole].  Cassadee saw this, by the way.  Jerk."

Way to keep it classy while still putting the internet troll in his place, Chris!

[via Twitter, @ChrisYoungMusic]

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