The creepy clown incidents are continuing to show up on social media and television newscasts across the country. Law enforcement officials in all parts of the nation and especially in Louisiana are taking the threats seriously.

These threats are taken by authorities to be real. That means that action against those who choose to perpetuate the whole "clown thing" are being dealt with swiftly and severely.

If you're not aware Louisiana and many other states have specific laws concerning the wearing of masks in public outside of certain holidays. It was under the auspices of  Louisiana R.S. 14:313 that two teenagers in Lafourche Parish were arrested.

According to a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network the two teens were seen riding around Central Lafourche High School wearing a mask. They also documented themselves being in possession of the mask on the social media site Snapchat.

They had one mask between the two of them and each of them had been spotted wearing it.

That's what Lafourche Parish Sherrif's Spokesman Brennan Matherne told the media. He said the two teens,Jordan Boudreaux and Taylor Defelice, were arrested and charged.

Ultimately the two were criminally charged with violating Louisiana R.S. 14:313 which prohibits the wearing of a mask in public outside of certain holidays.It was pretty clear in this case that these two students decided to wear this clown mask in an effort to copy what they had seen on social media.

If found guilty the two young men could be facing a sentence of no less than six months in prison with a maximum of three years.