A new generation of hopefuls may have a chance to hit it big.  This time in a specific genre of music.  If you've been wanting more Country music out of "American Idol," you have just got your wish.  The producers of "Idol" are launching a new show on CMT.  "CMT's Next Superstar" will feature competing singer/songwriters hoping to make it big.  Nigel Lythgoe has already proven that he understand the formula for ratings success on Fox.  Now CMT hopes he can do the same for them.

“This isn't just a singing competition, the contestants will also be judged on their song writing, radio interviews and music videos,” Nigel Lythgoe said in a statement. “We're looking for more than just a singer, we want the complete creative, talented package – performer, personality and writer. We want the next Country superstar.”

It is not the first time the Lythgoes have worked together. Simon has been a producer on "Idol" since 2002. The elder Lythgoe credits his son with some of his success, since it was Simon who, in 1999, was a young producer on the Australian version of "Pop Stars," which was the inspiration for "Pop Idol" and later "American Idol."

The competition is slated to begin in April on CMT.  See the whole story on the 'Idol' producer launching a country music competition at The Marquee Blog - CNN.com Blogs.