Get ready to see BNA Nashville country music recording band Lonestar live in concert in Lake Charles coming on Friday, March 3rd.

Lonestar was started in 1992 and since that time they have put out some mega country hits but they are best known for their power ballads.  In their career they have released 37 singles and nine of them have gone all the way to #1.

One of their biggest hits was the song "Amazed" which I have heard at about every wedding I have gone to since it was released in 1999.

Some of Lonestar's other number one's include "I'm Already There", "My Front Porch Looking In", "Mr. Mom", "Smile" and "No News".

Lonestar will perform at the Golden Nugget grand event center on Friday, March 3rd in Lake Charles.  The show will begin at 8:30 p.m.

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