Walking into a country music concert, you're bound to see a whole lot of blue jeans, cowboy hats and boots. Always boots. They're a staple in country music, both in the songs and on stars' and fans' feet. Whether they're brown or black, pink or bedazzled, 30 years old or brand new, boots are beloved by country singers and their fans.

It's no surprise, then, that there are plenty of country songs about boots. Below, The Boot has compiled the genre's 10 best of those tunes (with a couple songs about other types of footwear mixed in for good measure).

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    "Head Over Boots"

    Jon Pardi

    "Head Over Boots," a clever play on the phrase "head over heels," is one of the newer songs on this list. Pardi released this tune in September of 2015, as the lead single to his sophomore record. "Head Over Boots" was co-written by Pardi and Nashville standout songwriter Luke Laird, and the confessional love song's sweet lyrics -- “'Cause you’re the one I want / You’re the one I need / If I was a king, you would be my queen / You’re the rock in my roll, you’re good for my soul / It’s true / I’m head over boots for you" -- shows off Pardi's soft side in a really good way.

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    "Red High Heels"

    Kellie Pickler

    You can't buy a pair of red high heels without thinking of Pickler's 2006 hit "Red High Heels." Written by Chris Lindsey, Aimee Mayo, Karyn Rochelle and Pickler, the song was the American Idol contestant's debut single. It's sassy and spunky, and the singer lays down the law for the guy who's dragging his feet: "Baby, I've got plans tonight / You don't know nothin' about / I've been sittin' 'round way too long / Tryin' to figure you out / But you say that you'll call and you don't / And I'm spinnin' my wheels / So I'm goin' out tonight in my red high heels." Pickler's red high heels churned out her first gold single.

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    "Blue Suede Shoes"

    Carl Perkins

    Technically "Blue Suede Shoes" isn't about boots, but it's still one of country music's most important songs about footwear. The tune was first made famous by Perkins in 1955 -- but then, the legendary Elvis Presley recorded it. From there, countless others covered "Blue Suede Shoes," and it became one of the first true rock 'n' roll hits and earned a huge legacy in music.

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    "Better in Boots"

    Tyler Farr

    Farr's "Better in Boots" is pretty darn sexy, thanks in part to lyrics such as, “Yeah, you know I love you in a tight dress / But you’re 'oh my God' slippin’ out of it / You turn me on, girl you know you do / But you tear me up even better in boots." Farr released the song to radio in August of 2015.

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    "Boots On"

    Randy Houser

    Written by Houser and Brandon Kinney, "Boots On" peaked at No. 2 after its February 2009 release. It's no surprise that the song did well; after all, every country fan loves "goin' out with their boots on." "Boots On" was the second single from Houser's debut record, Anything Goes, and it gave him his first Top 10 hit. It's country pride to the max.

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    "Go-Go Boots"

    Drive-By Truckers

    Drive-By Truckers' ninth studio album, Go-Go Boots, has a pretty great title track: It's swampy and sacrilegious, and it tells the story of a cheating pastor, teenage pregnancy, small-town gossip ... and murder. Go-go boots are a big part of the storyline: "Missy wore them go-go boots; it did something for him / Made him think his wife back home was homely and boring." Later, after the dirty deed of murder is done, the song continues, "His wife's in the ground, the devil's in his head / Them go-go boots are underneath the bed."

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    "These Boots"

    Eric Church

    Church's "These Boots," from Sinners Like Me, is easily one of our favorite songs on this list. In it, Church lists the things that his own pair of boots has done, from counting off the band to "hiding some grass" from the cops to going to California and Arizona. But, he sings, the worst thing they've ever done is walk away from the woman he loves. (PS: They also inspired the name for his Lucchese line.)

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    "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under"

    Shania Twain

    "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under" is one of Twain's greatest hits. Released in January of 1995, it became her very first country radio hit and peaked at No. 11; it was also her first-ever gold single. The song, co-written with Twain's then-husband Robert John "Mutt" Lange, is full of saucy accusations: "Don't look so lonely / Don't act so blue / I know I'm not the only / Girl you run to / I know about Lolita / Your little Spanish flame / I've seen you around with Rita / The redhead down the lane."

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    "Boot Scootin' Boogie"

    Brooks & Dunn

    "Yeah, heel, toe, do-si-do / Come on, baby, let's go boot-scootin' / Whoa, Cadillac blackjack / Baby, meet me out back / We're gonna boogie / Oh, get down, turn around, go to town, boot-scootin' boogie."

    Who doesn't know those lines? "Boot Scootin' Boogie" has been played at line dancing venues for decades. Asleep at the Wheel recorded the song in 1990, but Brooks & Dunn were the ones to really make it big. The duo released it as their fourth single, and the tune became their first crossover hit.

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    "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'"

    Nancy Sinatra

    "These Boots Are Made for Walking" has been covered by Loretta Lynn, Jessica Simpson (with Willie Nelson's background vocals), Jewel and more, but Nancy Sinatra is the one who made it famous. The iconic tune was released on Feb. 22, 1966, and hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Fifty years later, its allure hasn't died down: With over 62 million views on YouTube, Sinatra's version is still beloved today.

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