There is a time-honored tradition among men that hunt. That tradition is to pull as many practical jokes on each other as humanly possible every chance you get. The penchant for pranking escalates whenever there is a new face in the crowd.

If you don't recognize the face behind the camouflage, that's country singer Tyler Farr. Tyler has had some pretty big hits on the radio with Redneck Crazy, Whiskey in my Water, A Guy Walks Into a Bar, and others. Like a lot of Country Stars, Tyler Farr is a fan of the outdoors, especially deer hunting.

That's why it seemed like such a natural occurrence for Tyler to hook up with the Buck Commander Crew. That bunch is beyond famous for successful hunts, hunting inventions, and of course some top-drawer pranks.

That jerky that you see Tyler eating in the video isn't what the label says it is. The Buck Commander guys did a little switcheroo and it turns out that what Tyler was actually munching on was a jerky treat made for dogs.

Don't worry there is nothing in the treat that could have been harmful to Tyler except maybe to his pride but I think he took the joke with the spirit in which it was intended. That means the Buck Commander guys better watch their backs because you know a payback prank is already being planned.

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