Anyone who has flown in the last 10 years has probably known the pain of having an item you thought was safe taken by the TSA. ( I mean, does putting my chap stick in a ziploc bag REALLY make America safer?) But anything you tried to slip though is not nearly as crazy as some of the items that have been confiscated. Trust me on this one.

USA Today is bringing us the TSA's annual top ten list of craziest items found at airport security, and if you didn't see it, you might not actually believe it. Enjoy the video from CBS New York below, fellow travelers!

  • Freddie Kruger razor gloves
  • Inert mortar round
  • Giant scissors
  • Tuxedo grenades
  • Fake bomb
  • Concealed knife
  • Snake in a computer hard drive
  • Saw blade glove
  • Spear gun
  • Ice ax


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