Wow, think of all the things that you can't take onto planes nowadays...guns, bombs, anything sharp, anything dangerous...such as snowglobes...WHAT???  That's right, snowglobes! Those little plastic scenes of Disney, Hollywood and New York, caught forever in an idyllic snowstorm, are filled with liquid, and therefor banned from flights. So where have all the snowglobes gone to?

To the Texas State Surplus Store, where else!  The Texas State Surplus Store gets its items for sale from items "willfully surrendered", confiscated or just left behind. And it seems to be doing very well, indeed!

In the five years this store has been open, its plane-related inventory has soared because of heightened security, according to director James Barrington. The airport stuff takes up most of one small room at the store. In 2010, the state's general fund was enriched $300,000 by the storefront's sales.

In its own small way, the stuff travelers leave behind is helping ease the state's financial woes.

Tons of stuff formerly carried by passengers until they reached the airport are for sale at the Texas State Surplus Store, located outside Austin, TX. You can find a wide array of knives, corkscrews, fingernail clippers, screwdrivers and even pizza cutters! Also state items are for sale also, such as chairs, desks and (for only $5500!) a used state trooper unit! WHAT A BARGAIN, I THINK I MUST BUY SOME!!!

I know, it sounds tempting to me to, so if you are in the neck of the woods of Austin, check out theTexas State Surplus Store, at 6506 Bolm Road, off U.S. 183

And you can walk out wondering exactly why someone was trying to get on a plane with a pizza cutter yourself!!!


via Where have all the snow globes gone? To the state surplus store.